Over the summer, Highland Park residents awoke to find their mailboxes containing a letter from an ostensibly-real social justice organization called Dallas Justice Now which urged affluent white liberals to withhold sending their children to America's top universities in an effort to help members of marginalized communities. This story made waves in the national outrage news cycle before disappearing without anyone who helped amplify the story even checking if the organization was even real. This caught the eye of independent, Dallas-based journalist Steven Monacelli who was initially suspicious of the letter. He looked deeper into the organization and now firmly believes the letter was simply an astroturfed psy-op in response to the nationwide wave of protests we saw this summer pleading for social justice reform. I sat down with Steven and asked him about what lessons he hopes we take away from everything surrounding Dallas Justice Now and fake news in general.

Fake News in the Suburbs: Dallas Justice Now's Shady Background